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A Content Marketing Experience Designed
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Complete Content Marketing Training and Networking for Real-World Results

Brian ClarkA note from your host,Brian ClarkCopyblogger Media Founder/CEO

It’s a frightfully familiar scenario.

Smart, motivated people attend an online marketing conference, and get overwhelmed with fascinating facts, figures, and tactics. They then get back home … and realize they have no comprehensive roadmap to implement these otherwise valuable tips.

That’s because most conferences are packaged as a “big box of awesome.” A whole bunch of great stuff, but no assembly instructions to put it all together in a meaningful way.

Authority Intensive is different.

It’s been carefully designed from inception to provide a complete content marketing strategy broken into four integrated “bundles” of tactics. This approach provides you with exactly what you need to take your business to the next level with effective online marketing.

Don’t worry … the entire conference runs on a single track through all four of those bundles, so you won’t need to pick and choose which presentations you’ll want to see or have to miss. We’ve also got a sweet multi-media setup waiting for you, so no matter where you are inside Authority Intensive, you won’t miss a thing.

And let’s not forget the secret sauce: real-world relationships. You’ll mingle with some of the smartest online marketers on the planet, and meet like-minded people to trade ideas, forge partnerships, and even create new companies.

Ultimately, an event such as this is defined by the speakers. You’ll be enlightened by the likes of Seth Godin, Ann Handley, Darren Rowse, Bryan Eisenberg, Lee Odden, and Sonia Simone. Plus more of the finest handpicked online marketing experts who are not only at the top of their game — they can teach it as well (a rare combination).

I’m looking forward to seeing you in May. Spring in Colorado is spectacular, and it provides the perfect setting for an exceptional business-building experience.

Best -

P.S. We’re known for throwing great parties, and this will be no exception. In addition to comprehensive education and meaningful networking, you’ll enjoy the fantastic food, excellent ambience, and creative cocktails that ensure a remarkable event.

Authority Intensive provides an integrated strategy for smarter content marketing.

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Our featured keynote speakers will get you fired up and ready to tackle two full days of intensive discovery and connection. But these two gentlemen cannot be pigeonholed as mere motivational speakers. Their immense influence in the online marketing world is grounded in real-world execution and accomplishment.

Seth Godin
Darren Rowse


Design is a crucial component of an effective content marketing strategy, and yet it’s often under-appreciated. Beyond pretty graphics and snazzy effects, your site design must take into account the exploding mobile segment, the possibilities presented by HTML5, conversion, and even social media and search engine optimization. Get uncommon design advice so you can make smarter choices for your own sites.


Content is the foundation of effective online marketing, but not just any content. Instead, you need content that attracts the right audience, satisfies initial questions, overcomes objections, and creates the trust and affinity that leads to higher revenue and profit. Our selected content speakers are some of the best in the business, and their honed teaching skills will transfer that valuable knowledge to you.


Unless you attract the right people to your site in the first place, you’re going nowhere. Given the rapid pace of change happening with Google, you need the latest guidance from those in the know. Plus, discover the social media strategies that are working right now to create the word-of-mouth network effects that smart content marketers enjoy.


Great design, stellar content and loads of traffic don’t mean anything without sales. And even before that goal is achieved, a step-by-step process of conversion is occurring as prospects move closer to customer or client. Our selected speakers will share the latest in landing page techniques, smarter email marketing, copywriting tips for conversion, and more.

Join us at the cosmopolitan

Curtis Hotel

in Downtown Denver, May 7-9, 2014

Welcome to Denver

Denver is centrally located for anyone in North America, and boasts one of the best hub airports in the US. Easy to get in and out of, Colorado’s capital city is accessible for everyone.

We love Denver because there’s never a dull moment. The weather in May is absolutely gorgeous, so you might even consider making a vacation out of your investment in Authority Intensive. After an intensive education and networking experience, you might consider staying for the weekend and enjoying the unique experiences and attractions Denver offers.

Even better, keep your room at The Curtis for your entire visit. The hotel is in a very walkable area of downtown, and transportation is quick and easy to just about anywhere else you want to visit.

Fantastic Venue

Walking through the front doors of The Curtis, you’re greeted by the friendly staff and a five-and-dime shop that sells nostalgic candy, like Pop Rocks and Fun Dip. Interactive video installations and a gigantic Lite-Brite will have you wondering whether you just walked into your hotel or a childhood fantasy. Rest assured, it’s your hotel.

The Curtis’ love of pop culture is celebrated with playfully-themed guest room floors and just about every board game your heart could desire. And if you really want to play Battleship and don’t have anyone to play with, someone on their staff will stop what they’re doing and play it with you, because that’s how they roll.

Great Food

We take our fare very seriously. The Curtis features an award-winning chef who is ready to wow you with top-notch culinary creations. No corners will be cut when it comes to food and drink, and your ticket price buys you breakfasts, lunches, break beverages, and snacks throughout the conference.

Killer Parties

From the open bar welcome reception at The Curtis Wednesday evening (May 7), to Thursday night’s off site themed party (May 8), to the closing festivities on Friday (May 9), you’ll never be bored. If you think we’re picky about the food, understand that we absolutely refuse to throw a bad party. Come ready to enjoy yourself just as much as you’re prepared to learn.

Fast Wi-Fi

Every Authority Intensive guest will receive free wi-fi in their room and throughout the hotel. We’ve secured the fastest, most secure wireless internet available for our meeting rooms (including the work lounge), so you’ll be able to connect to the web without worry throughout the event.

Comfortable Vibes

Luxurious amenities like the famous Sweet Dreams beds and gigantic wide-screen televisions in every room complete the experience. Of course, it’s not just thoughtless luxury … everyone can rest easy knowing the hotel adheres to award-winning environmental practices that are carried forward in everything they do. Adding to it, the hotel’s staff is incredibly friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure your stay is amazing.

Excellent Value

We’ve negotiated a special rate with The Curtis for Authority Intensive attendees, so it’s as affordable as it is wonderful. The nightly rate is just $189/night (plus tax/service) for one king or two queen beds on any of the specially-themed floors.

Rooms available at the group rate are first come, first served, so don’t hesitate and book your reservation today here.

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