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Online content marketing – whether as a consultant, entrepreneur, small business owner, or in-house content creator – is as tough as it is rewarding.

We know. We built Copyblogger Media with online content and smart copywriting – and without venture capital, advertising, or an outbound sales team – into a thriving company with over 100,000 customers. We’re one of the few who can honestly claim we got here by purely practicing what we teach.

We practicewhat weteach

Now we’d like to take you behind the scenes for a closer look and a deeper education. One that will pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies that don’t show up in public blog posts.

Over the last 15 years (before content marketing became the “it” thing), we had to first figure things out for ourselves, making numerous mistakes and missteps along the way.

We’ve also sifted through a decade of the best tips, tactics, and strategies from a mountain of expensive training programs, books, live conferences, podcasts, websites, and years of consumer and business-to-business research – all while making sure to filter the champions from the charlatans.

This is your opportunity to become a content marketing authority, and avoid the uncertainty and outlandish time and expense … by getting it done for around a dollar a day.

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  • Freelance writers

    Freelance writers

    There’s a ton of work out there for talented writers, and if you understand how to create a smart business model for yourself, you can have the ultimate freelance lifestyle.

  • Content consultants

    Content consultants

    The overall budgets for content marketing add up to billions, and businesses small and large need your help. Make sure you’re in on the latest tactics and strategies.

  • Small business owners

    Small business owners

    Whether you bring content creation and strategy in-house or work with a freelancer, consultant, or agency, you need to know the ropes to make sure your business objectives are met.

  • In-house content creators

    In-house content creators

    Companies are hiring editorial teams to execute on their content marketing initiatives. Give yourself an edge and become a leader within your content marketing department.

  • Bloggers


    Blogging is still the foundational element of online content marketing,
    but the practice has grown up. Find out the latest multimedia content, social media
    marketing, and search engine optimization strategies that work.

  • Who Should
    Join Authority?

  • Authors


    The 21st Century author is a new media entrepreneur, and the book is a startup. Discover the smartest strategies for getting your book bought and developing a bigger business from it.

  • Entrepreneurs


    The smartest startups begin with an audience, not a product or service. Discover how to use content to build a fan base that will grow itself, tell you what it wants to buy, and help you sell it.

  • Copywriters


    Online sales and lead generation is a smart combination of valuable content and direct response copywriting. Talented copywriters will benefit the most from the content marketing revolution if they embrace a softer selling approach.

  • Designers


    No matter how great the content itself, design will either make or break the potential reach of that content. Smart designers understand the entire content marketing process to be more effective at packaging the message.

  • Developers


    When it comes down to it, companies acting like online media companies means building and maintaining dynamic websites. Smart developers are key players on any content marketing team.

The Benefits of Authority

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  • Ongoing monthly seminars, video presentations, and action guides »
    Every month we’ll bring you the latest in content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and more with our multimedia instruction.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with Copyblogger staff and outside experts »
    There are no stupid questions. Each month you’ll have the chance to have your specific questions answered in detail by content marketing professionals – many of whom don’t otherwise do consulting at any price.
  • Interactive forum for networking and personal answers to your questions »
    Your questions are also answered in our private member forum. More than that, you’ll get the perspectives of people from throughout the community, along with networking, joint venture, and co-marketing opportunities with like-minded peers.
  • Members-only affiliate program for Copyblogger tools »
    As an Authority member, you’ll have income opportunities not available to the general public from reselling our software and services. Check inside for all the details, because you could easily pay for your Authority membership many times over.
  • Discounted access to upcoming live training events »
    We hosted our first live training event in March of 2013, and it was amazing. So, we’re planning more – lots more. You’ll get first crack at attending these smaller, hand-on events, and you’ll pay less.
  • Certification opportunity for content marketing professional designation »
    We’ll be rolling out a certification program for content marketing expertise that will only be available to Authority members. This will entail additional education and an enrollment fee, but it will carry much weight in the industry.
  • Exclusive discounts on the tools you need to succeed »
    We don’t just teach content marketing, we practice it daily. And along the way we’ve built an entire suite of tools, plus high-powered hosting, that we use ourselves every day. We’ll show you how to get more out of our tools, while charging you less.

Learn from the Best
to Be the Best

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  • Brian Clark
    Brian is founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media. As a 15-year veteran of online content marketing, he’s seen and done it all.
  • Sonia Simone
    Sonia is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Marketing Officer, which in this case really means Chief Content Officer (a rapidly growing position and title).
  • Jon Morrow
    Jon Morrow is one of Copyblogger’s Associate Editors, but now he’s made a name for himself as the founder of Boost Blog Traffic and his guest blogging program.
  • Chris Brogan
    Chris is CEO & President of Human Business Works, an education publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave.
  • Laura Roeder
    Laura is founder and CEO of LKR Social Media. She helps you get Internet famous, in a good way.
  • Darren Rowse
    Darren Rowse runs the exceptionally successful Digital Photography School, and shares what he’s learned the hard way about online content marketing at Problogger.
  • Mari Smith
    Mari has deep expertise on social media marketing, and she knows more about Facebook marketing than just about anyone on the planet.
  • Chris Guillebeau
    Chris Guillebeau is a writer, entrepreneur, and world traveler who founded the Art of Nonconformity blog and the amazing World Domination Summit.
  • Geordie Carswell
    Geordie is a pay-per-click expert with expertise in all aspects of paid search, having consistently dominated in some of the most competitive online markets around.
  • Pamela Wilson
    Pamela is an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant who helps you create a “big brand” through an integrated system of marketing and design.
  • Greg Boser
    Greg got his start in SEO before it even had a name. Over the years, he’s developed and executed on winning organic search strategies in some of the Web’s most competitive spaces.
  • Selena Narayanasamy
    Selena is a content marketing strategist that makes many of her older male counterparts look silly. She brings you the cutting edge when you join Authority.
  • Jon Henshaw
    Jon is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Raven Tools. He eats Internet marketing data for breakfast, just to get warmed up. Also one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.
  • Demian Farnworth
    Demian is Chief Copywriter for Copyblogger Media and a content marketing phenomenon. He’ll teach you how to get attention and turn it into money.
  • Pam Slim
    Pam is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and the popular blog of the same name. She’ll help you get unstuck from that J-O-B and on the way to running your own show.
  • Bryan Eisenberg
    Bryan is the “Godfather” of online conversion optimization, and the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” and “Always Be Testing.”

Plus many, many more.

Let Us Help Build Your Business and Change Your Life

  • “The archive of content means I can get information and advice on the topic I need exactly when I want it, the forums are a great place to kick ideas around, and the regular Q&A calls are invaluable – one simple suggestion I followed up on increased my rate of enquiries by over 400% with only a few hours of work!”

    Ian ShepherdProduction Advice

  • “Most of what I know about content marketing and copywriting I have learned from the team at Copyblogger. They’ve been hugely valuable to me, and changed my view on marketing and how to run a business. I’m grateful for their help and encouragement.”

    Henneke DuistermaatEnchanting Marketing

  • “One of the things that I really like is the methodical approach to each strategy. I’ve
    implemented the ideas I’ve learned and received great feedback from my clients,
    and I encourage them to duplicate the techniques for their businesses.

    These are solid action plans that work for the long run.

    Thank you for teaching content marketing strategies that work so well for small
    business. You all have laid the foundation, and I just had to execute the plan.”


  • “After all the hype about being either creepy or macho to sell information, it is refreshing to have a normal person (albeit a very successful one) speak to me in plain English about solid, foundational principles for our online business. And taking that advice has made our lifestyle media company a stable, profitable venture with the kind of loyal and engaged customers we always wanted.”


  • “Copyblogger Media’s training introduced me to online teaching and showed me how to make it a viable business model for my company. It taught me how to take my background in graphic design and branding and translate that into real-world benefits and results for my audience: women with online businesses.”


  • “I had big ideas but I just didn’t know how to bring it all together. That’s when the
    team at Copyblogger Media came in.

    I love the insights I get from listening to the seminars, and the community of mentors and fellow business owners has helped me to move through many challenges and get to where I am today.”

    Paul CunninghamExchange Server Pro

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