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How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Email List

Robert Bruce and Sonia Simone

If you've been with us for a while, you know that we consider email one of the most valuable tools in your marketing tool kit. Email will help you attract prospects, nurture leads, and pave that path to a sale.

But do to all that, we first have to somehow convince our audience to opt in. In this session, Copyblogger's chief content officer Sonia Simone talked with VP of marketing Robert Bruce about how to make that happen.

Robert and Sonia talked about:

  • Why we endorse confirmed opt-in (and why you should never try to buy email lists)
  • What makes people sign up for email lists
  • What keeps them reading those lists
  • How to structure your opt-in page
  • What kinds of enticements work best to get opt-ins
  • The pros and cons of the "membership library" concept
  • The pros and cons of the autoresponder "drip"


Replay: Q&A for March 6, 2015

Chris Garrett and Sonia Simone

In this Q&A, Chris and Sonia answered your individual business questions. Listen to the replay using the player below, or download the MP3 using the link provided.


Rainmaker Bonus: Get Inspired! Rainmaker Owners Showcase Their Sites

Brian Gardner and Pamela Wilson

StudioPress founder and Copyblogger Media partner Brian Gardner joined Pamela Wilson for this webinar.

This time, we turned our attention to you.

  • See Rainmaker Platform websites “in the wild” and discover how people are using them
  • Listen to what Brian and Pamela think works well on each site
  • Learn as site owners get answers to their specific design questions


Rainmaker Bonus: Setting Up a Top-Notch Affiliate Program on the Rainmaker Platform

Jessica Commins and Pamela Wilson

The Rainmaker Platform offers you an easy way to put together an affiliate program that will help grow your profits.

In this session, Jessica Commins and Pamela Wilson share how affiliate programs work, and how you can set one up for your site.

They discussed:

  • What an affiliate program can do for your online business
  • How to make affiliates feel well taken care of
  • How to use the Rainmaker Platform affiliate tools to put together a top-notch affiliate program


How to Create Simple Blog Graphics

Pamela Wilson and Chris Garrett

The web has always been a visual medium, and with the widespread sharing of images on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest, graphics are more important than ever.

This week, Pamela and Chris shared with us:

  • What makes an effective blog graphic, and how to make yours look more polished
  • A “no fail” technique that anyone can use to create blog graphics (no artistic skill required)
  • How to use two popular online graphics tools: PicMonkey, and Canva
  • A super easy technique for creating a professional-looking logo for your website, business, or products


SEO: What You Need to Know, Today and Tomorrow

It’s official: the old-fashioned, “spammy” techniques of SEO are definitively dead. Google has worked tirelessly to defeat tricks, scams, and “black hat” methods of getting sites onto the first page of the search results.

But ... search engine traffic is still undeniably valuable. And you don’t have to just hope that the search engines will eventually recognize your site. There are recognized, smart content strategies that will help your site with the search engines -- while (and this is critical) creating a terrific experience for your audience and customers.

Copyblogger’s founder and CEO Brian Clark joined us to talk about what works today for search engine optimization -- and what tactics and strategies to leave behind.


Replay: Q&A for February 13, 2015

Jerod Morris and Sonia Simone

In this Q&A, Jerod and Sonia answered your individual business questions. Listen to the replay using the player below, or download the MP3 using the link provided.


Rainmaker Bonus: How to Use Rainmaker Platform Landing Page Tools

Nick Croft and Pamela Wilson

The Rainmaker Platform features powerful landing page creation tools.

In this session, Nick Croft and Pamela Wilson show you how the tools work, and how to make the most of them.

They discussed:

  • How to choose between the Template Builder and the Premade Template tools
  • Which landing page type will best meet your needs for videos, opt-ins, sales pages, and more
  • Insider tips for making the most of the powerful landing page tools in the Rainmaker Platform
  • A quick review of the A/B Testing tool, and how to use it to run high-converting landing pages


LinkedIn Best Practices (and a Few Secrets)

Sean Jackson is Copyblogger Media's CFO and a founding partner ... and he's also a big fan of LinkedIn. He's passionate about LinkedIn as an authority and content platform, and he came by to share his best practices with us.

In this session, Sean and Sonia talked about:

  • The types of profiles that attract more connections and clients
  • Who to connect with ... and who to avoid
  • Techniques for increasing your LinkedIn reach (without spamming)
  • The one-minute SEO "trick" that LinkedIn makes easy
  • How to give more (and get more) from LinkedIn Discussion Groups

... and more!


Rainmaker Bonus: How to Craft Winning Landing Pages

Brian Clark and Pamela Wilson

When you understand how to craft great landing pages, you’ll increase your email list opt-ins and revenue. Take some time to learn from one of the best in the industry!

In this session, Brian Clark and Pamela Wilson covered copy, design, and overall best practices for creating winning landing pages.

They discussed:

  • How to structure your landing page copy so it meets (and overcomes) objections
  • What design elements need to be on every landing page, and what design elements you should avoid like the plague
  • Easy tips for creating compelling calls to action that get clicks
  • Best practices for “running” a landing page once you’ve created it