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The Critical Keys to Success with Google AdWords

Brian Clark interviews Geordie Carswell

Google AdWords can be one of the most effective and reliable ways to find new customers for your online-based business.

It can also be one of the most effective and reliable ways to waste tons of money.

Google would love to take your money while you stumble around and figure things out on your own. But we’d be much happier if you got some great advice so you can start making the most of your AdWords budget right away.

That’s why Brian snagged an interview with AdWords genius Geordie Cardwell. Geordie talks about the latest advice (straight from Google’s mouth) on how to run an effective and profitable campaign, with tons of specific tips and techniques.


Advanced Link-Building Strategies for SEO

Brian Clark interviews Greg Boser

Greg Boser may not be the “name brand” you recognize for SEO — but he’s the guy those “name brands” call when they have a tricky SEO question.

Brian Clark was able to talk Greg into carving out some time to give us an in-depth look at link-building strategies for SEO.

Greg didn’t water any of this down — it’s serious, advanced material. You’ll want to listen to this seminar several times, and you may want to keep the transcript close at hand so you can jot down notes. And of course, head to the forums to ask questions if you’re having trouble with any of the concepts or techniques in the seminar.

One warning: the sound quality is distracting at times, mainly because of background noise on Greg’s side. We’ve edited it as much as possible, but you’ll hear a few dogs barking and other noises.


Five Strategic Ways to Use SEO for Public Relations

Brian Clark interviews Lee Odden

For a lot of online entrepreneurs, “PR” means “Google PageRank.”

But the smart marketer knows how to get herself in front of customers wherever they are, rather than where the hipsters think her customers should be. And that often means intelligently combining cutting-edge technology tools with more traditional techniques like public relations.

Lee Odden has been combining technology with PR since the late 1990s, helping PR departments and agencies optimize their web presence and drive web traffic.


Redefining Search Engine Marketing

Lee Odden and Brian Clark

Lee Odden is a nationally recognized thought leader in search engine marketing, consistently named as one of the most important voices in search and social media marketing. Lee is one of 25 online marketing experts featured in “Online Marketing Heroes,” published by Wiley, and has been frequently cited for his search & social media marketing expertise by The Economist and Fortune Magazine.

Lee’s going to dive into the latest thinking in SEO, and why building authoritative content marketing for your business isn’t just great for customers … it’s also the most effective strategy for search engines.

Click the audio button to hear the session, or you can download the MP3 from the link below.


Advanced Affiliate Marketing with Social Media and SEO

Brian Clark interviews Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp is something of an internet tycoon. He owns and tests sites in many different topics. He’s tried out virtually any monetization approach you can think of. He’s learned from every kind of marketer, without worrying too much about what “tribe” they might be from.

In five years, he’s made himself financially independent and has achieved enviable success and freedom. He travels the world while running a very profitable business.

He’s done it by focusing intensely on the intersection between what works and what he most enjoys doing.

Oh . . . and did we mention he turned 21 a couple of days ago?


The Essentials of SEO

Sonia Simone interviews Conrad Walton

You might think that Conrad Walton is a pretty lucky guy. He bought the domain name “Survivor.com” a couple of years before the television show launched. When the show became a smash hit, he quickly created a site with lots of information — and was able to monetize his hundreds of thousands of readers.

But as more and more readers used search engines to find out all about their favorite show, he found his site falling behind — way behind. His traffic slowed to a crawl, and his revenue drifted away along with it.

Conrad taught himself the essentials of SEO: the critical steps that took him from the bottom of page 2 in the SERPs to the top-of-the-page position directly below the official CBS site for the show. (He even beats Wikipedia — no mean feat for any SEO.)


The Art of Creating Profitable Membership Sites

Sean d’Souza with Sonia Simone

This month, Sean d’Souza talks with Sonia about one of their shared passions — membership communities. No matter what your area of expertise, these can be an amazing supplement to your business, or they can even become your primary business.


The Surprising Key to Marketing Success

Jennifer Louden with Sonia Simone

If you’re doing business online, you probably know about critical success factors like excellent content, robust social media sharing, and effective search engine optimization.

But you may not be thinking about an underlying element that supports all of those things — how good a teacher you are.

Content has consistently shown itself to be the best foundation for marketing online, and great teaching is often what makes the best content.


How to Price Your Products and Services

Sonia Simone with Linda Lopeke

How can I figure out the right price for my products and services?

Pricing is the only part of the marketing mix that generates revenue. Everything else is about cost. So that’s why you need to stop guessing and make a commitment to start consciously pricing your products, programs, and services. Linda Lopeke of SMARTSTART, a passionate Triber and business educator, spoke with Sonia Simone this month about how to get on track with your pricing.


Ethical Selling that Works

Sonia Simone interviews Pam Slim

Some entrepreneurs are born salespeople. For them, selling is easy, natural, and even fun.

For the rest of us, learning to sell effectively can be a gigantic hurdle. Business coach and bestselling author Pam Slim started out in that boat as well — until she was fortunate enough to land a successful sales trainer as a client. She took what she learned from him and turned it into an effective sales process that works even for the “sales-challenged.” (And if you love sales, you’ll still benefit from having a proven system that prevents you from getting sidetracked.)