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The 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Buyers Before You Start Selling

Sonia Simone interviews Traci Feit Love

Have your sales fallen short of what you hoped for? Or could it be that you’ve held back from really selling, because you’re not confident about where you stand with your audience?

Traci Feit love is a marketer, a communications coach, and a law school survivor. In this seminar, she and Sonia Simone explore the critical preparation you need to do in order to sell effectively.


Prepare for an Awesome Year

Here’s the replay for the live workshop on preparing for an awesome year.

We’ve got lots of specific suggestions for you, as well as a challenge.


Magnetic Webinars

Ever thought a webinar would make a good addition to your business, but you were a little intimidated to get started?

Chris and Lewis break webinars down for you, and explain why they’ve found webinars to be a singularly effective tool for both promotion and product development.


Getting Started With Online Video

We all keep hearing it multimedia is the future of the web. If you aren’t adding audio and video to your mix, you run the risk of losing a significant portion of your audience, and your customer base.

But let’s face it, video is intimidating. It’s hard to know where to get started. Chris Garrett and Ben Eadie are here to help. Chris and Ben are going to show you how you can quickly get started creating video content for traffic, list building, engagement and sales leads.


Site Critiques with Chris Garrett and Derek Halpern

Here’s the replay for the live workshop featuring critiques of Third Triber sites.


Better Marketing with Images

This month, Sonia convinced Chris Garrett to share his secrets with us on how to use slide presentation software to create visual presentations that look like you paid lots of big bucks to your designer for them.


The Secret to Super-Successful Ebooks

With Pamela Wilson and Kelly Kingman

The PDF ebook is a content-marketing powerhouse — from manifestos, to free reports, to encyclopedic how-to guides. Whether you’re building your email list, growing your thought leadership or thinking about launching a digital product, PDF ebooks get the job done.

But before you consider investing time and energy writing an ebook, wouldn’t you like to know how successful ebook authors do it?


Behind the Scenes Product Launch

Sonia Simone interviews Johnny Truant

This month we have a second bonus seminar for you, with Sonia Simone interviewing Johnny Truant to look behind the scenes at his most recent launch.

Product launches are a key tactic for most online businesses, but the reality is sometimes a little different from what you see from the outside. Johnny shares the details about what worked well, what surprised him, and what he’d do differently next time.

Here’s some of what Johnny shares with us:

  • Johnny’s “un-planning” model for designing an information product.
  • The messy details that go into a smooth-looking product launch.
  • How to stay flexible, but stay within the guidelines of what works.
  • Why a “punk rock” mindset can be your most important asset as a businessperson. (And why, if you’re a little bit crazy, that can be a very good thing.)
  • The biggest confidence-builder when you’re getting started.
  • How to measure your progress in a way that builds confidence.
  • The next step you should take in your business.

Click the audio button to hear the lesson for this week, or you can download the MP3 from the link below


Product Launch Strategies: What Always Works and What’s Working Now

Sonia Simone interviews Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is one of the legendary figures from more traditional internet marketing. His Product Launch Formula is widely acknowledged to be one of most important information products in that market.

But if you don’t already know Jeff’s work in depth, you may not realize that he’s always taken a very Third Tribe approach. He talks extensively about factors like connection, conversation, authenticity, and community — and ties those to serious selling strategies.

This seminar give the core fundamentals of what makes Product Launch Formula work, the bedrock that his entire course is built on. We specifically get into:

  • The specific phrases Jeff uses to create connection at the start of each launch
  • The most common mistakes people make with launches, and how to fix them
  • How to use a launch to create the element that most people are missing in their lives today — and how that can grow your business
  • Creating an event vs. creating a hype-fest
  • The right way to use urgency and scarcity factors
  • How PLF can be used for a lot more than selling (like non-profit work, launching a blog, building a list, attracting employees . . . Jeff has even seen a pastor use it to boost church attendance)
  • What happens after the launch — how to stack launches to build an ongoing business

Click the audio button to hear the lesson, or you can download the MP3 from the link below.