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Need help attracting links? Setting up a membership site? Creating more content consistently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in SEO, content marketing, conversion, and so much more.

Structures for Freelance Life and Business

Sonia Simone and Megan Williams

Megan Williams is an MBA, a content strategist, and one of our Copyblogger Certified Content Marketers.

Megan talked with Sonia Simone this week about how she structures her time as a freelancer, and some of her best practices to grow her business.

Megan and Sonia talked about:

  • How to build marketing into your schedule every week
  • Where social media and networking fit in
  • Making time for ongoing education and improvement
  • Life habits that support her business
  • How she approaches clients who don't yet "get" content marketing


The Top 10 Errors that Set Our Teeth on Edge

Stefanie Flaxman and Sonia Simone

You can have a great message and offer great value, but if your content is plagued with grammar and usage errors, it won't get the audience it deserves.

In this session, Sonia Simone and Copyblogger's Manager of Editorial Standards, Stefanie Flaxman, talked about some of the most common (and annoying) usage errors they see. More important, they talked about their favorite resources to keep you from making errors in your own content!


The Savvy Beginner: What a Minimum Viable Website Looks Like

Jerod Morris and Pamela Wilson

Did you ever feel like your website questions were so basic, you were embarrassed to ask them?

Leave that shame behind: everyone's a beginner when they're learning something new! We know you’re smart and you want to build your site on solid ground from the very beginning.

In this session, Jerod Morris and Pamela Wilson covered:

  • The basic pages every website should have, and best practices for each one
  • The most effective way to use Pages and Posts on a WordPress or Rainmaker website
  • How to approach your website project so you can go from zero to a viable website in the shortest amount of time possible
  • The three crucial elements that must be on every single page of your website

This session is geared toward true beginners. Jerod and Pamela covered the website setup topics you've been too embarrassed to ask about.


Are You on the Right Track with Your Business?

Chris Garrett and Sonia Simone

Every business owner has those times of doubt -- is the business working? Is it viable? Is this just a temporary "dip," in Seth Godin's term, or a long-term warning sign?

In this session, Chris and Sonia talked about how to know things are working -- and what to do if they aren't. They discussed:

  • What success (or lack of it) looks like when your numbers are still small
  • Simple, low-cost ways to test your ideas
  • The "special math" of email lists
  • The one way *not* to be like Copyblogger (at least not right away)
  • What to tweak if it's not working


How to Flip the Switch and Move from Offline to Online Business

Pamela Wilson and Demian Farnworth

You've built up an offline business. And for some reason: whether it's taking your marketing into your own hands; or taking advantage of the potential of digital business; or simply wanting a change of pace; you are ready to move your business online.

How does that transition happen?

What are some of the basic tools you need to become familiar with to master doing business online?

Demian Farnworth and Pamela Wilson have both made this transition. And in this Authority session, they shared:

  • The potential of online business, and why now is a great time to make the transition
  • The mindset shifts that will help you manage feeling "exposed" when you interact online
  • The basic vocabulary of online business: the tools you'll need to thrive online
  • How to get yourself out of "learning mode," ditch the overwhelm, and get started right now


Interviews: The Fastest Road to High-Quality Content

Jerod Morris, Kelton Reid, and Jon Nastor

Whether for a podcast or a blog post, interviewing experts in your field is one of the best ways to deliver educational, compelling content to your audience.

But not all interviews are created equal. The same person can be interviewed by two different people with wildly different results. Most of the time, it comes back to the interviewer's ability to create a comfortable atmosphere and ask the right kind of questions that lead to the most illuminating answers.

In this Authority Seminar, three of the most experienced interviewers at Rainmaker.FM -- Kelton Reid, Jonny Nastor, and Jerod Morris -- dive deep into the topic of interviewing.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guest
  • Specific examples of best questions you can ask
  • How to handle unexpected hiccups with big-name guests

And much, much more.

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How to Write Marketing Copy That Actually Sells

Donald Miller and Pamela Wilson

What if people talked about your brand the way they talk about the latest blockbuster movie? What if they stood in line for hours for just a short experience with your product? What if they talked about it over dinner, wrote blog posts about it, discussed it around the water cooler at work, and talked their friends into talking about it, too?

In this one-hour webinar, three time New York Times Bestselling author Donald Miller teaches you a 7-part framework for stories that will completely revolutionize the way you think about marketing and web copy.

You may know a little bit about stories and a little bit about writing great copy. But do you know how a simple story structure can make your message spread like wildfire?

After this 60 minute presentation, you will have:

  • New language to talk about your brand in a way that is simple and repeatable, so your message can spread
  • A 7-part story framework you can use to compose presentations, write killer blog posts and craft effective sales campaigns.
  • A better understanding of what big brands actually do that makes their messaging work
  • A faster, better, more productive way to write marketing collateral

If you have a great product or service but people aren’t responding, it’s probably because you don’t know how to talk about it.

This will solve that.

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Quick Revenue Models for Online Business

Chris Garrett and Sonia Simone

Sometimes in business, the long game isn't what you need -- instead, you need to figure out the shortest distance between you and a check. (Or virtual payment gateway of your choice.) :)

Chris and Sonia talked about some of the fastest ways to get more revenue into your business, without sacrificing your integrity or resorting to weird "internet ATM" systems ... that don't get results anyway.


What You Can Learn From Copyblogger’s New Blog Post Image Strategy

Pamela Wilson and Demian Farnworth

Pamela Wilson is an expert on visual communication. Her logos, design work, and images have been seen in print and on the web for over 25 years.

Demian Farnworth is Copyblogger’s Chief Content Writer, and he knows the power of images — he’s used them in conjunction with his writing since the start.

In March, 2015, the Copyblogger blog began featuring a new style of post image that has proven to be very popular.

Every element of these images is intentional, from the photos chosen, to the colors and fonts used, to the size and proportion of the final image.

In this webinar, we deconstruct why they look the way they do, and what resources we use to create them. We give you the tools you need to create this kind of post image yourself.

Demian and Pamela talked about:

  • Where to find strong blog post images: we’ll share our favorite free and paid resources
  • How to choose the most effective images: what to look for, what to avoid
  • Why we decided against featuring the blog post headline on our images
  • How to “brand” your images and make them into shareable social objects


Unleash the Power of Rainmaker Pro

Brian Clark and Jerod Morris

The first two Pro features introduced into the Rainmaker Platform are the Learning Management System (LMS) and Marketing Automation.

The LMS enables you to create full online courses with modules and easily embed audio and video lessons, stagger multimedia content access using a drip-delay, and protect file downloads.

Our initial Marketing Automation release enhances the experience of your free and paid site members. In conjunction with your email marketing software, you can now send targeted email messages, add people to lists, move them between lists, unsubscribe them from lists, and even add different membership access levels -- all based on actions your members take, such as viewing a certain page or clicking on a link or a button.

Brian Clark and Jerod Morris hosted this webinar, which walks you through a demo of the LMS and Marketing Automation features on a live site. You get to see how these new features really work to create a successful live course and membership experience.