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Need help attracting links? Setting up a membership site? Creating more content consistently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in SEO, content marketing, conversion, and so much more.

Behind the Scenes for the Rainmaker.FM Launch

Sonia Simone, Jerod Morris and Robert Bruce

Take a look behind the curtain as Sonia Simone, Jerod Morris, and Robert Bruce talk about some of the lessons we've learned in launching our new digital marketing podcast network.

This was a massive project, involving the talents and hard work of many different people across our team. We talk about:

  • Why you need great ideas ... and why ideas are worthless
  • How to determine (and stick to) your larger business goals with an ambitious project
  • Our best practices for working with your team
  • How to build your system and make it work
  • Keeping your eye on the long game


How to Create One Amazing Blog Post Every Single Week

Pamela Wilson and Stefanie Flaxman

Pamela Wilson wrote a post per week from 2010-2014 on Big Brand System. She’s taken what she learned on her own blog and is now applying it to our own Copyblogger blog.

Stefanie Flaxman is Copyblogger's Editor-in-Chief, and is an expert in keeping good content flowing, day after day.

Stefanie and Pamela discussed:

  • Why consistently-published content is one of the most effective ways to boost your website’s popularity
  • An easy way to capture post ideas so the blank page won't faze you
  • How to set yourself up to win at content creation: the tools; the environment; the systems you need to succeed
  • A simple way to save time and write better-quality posts


Landing Pages that Convert

Tony Clark and Sonia Simone

In this session, Sonia Simone chatted with Copyblogger Media COO Tony Clark about conversion best practices, and how we at Copyblogger and StudioPress optimize pages for our own businesses.

Sonia and Tony talked about:

  • The role of landing pages for a business site, and why optimization matters
  • How to start improving results on a page that matters to your business
  • Lessons learned from our own landing pages
  • Tony's most important "best practices" for landing pages
  • Surprises we've encountered along the way


Creating an Email Autoresponder Series That Builds Your List

Pamela Wilson and Jerod Morris

Earlier this month, we talked about how to get the "opt in" to build your email list. But once you have those subscribers, what's the best kind of content to send them?

One of our favorite techniques is the email autoresponder -- a series of messages designed to move your subscribers from stranger to customer to raving fan of your business. In this session, Pamela (Copyblogger's VP of Educational Content) and Jerod (VP of Marketing) shared:

  • How to discover an irresistible topic for your email autoresponder
  • One simple question that helps you gather valuable intelligence from your audience
  • Three ways to use your autoresponder to increase engagement on your website
  • A simple way to incorporate offers that move people from prospects to customers


Rainmaker Bonus: An Introduction to Rainmaker’s Podcasting Tools

Jerod Morris and Pamela Wilson

When you understand how to use the Rainmaker Platform podcasting tools, you’ll be able to harness the power of audio content -- including starting your own podcasting network like the one Copyblogger Media recently launched.

In this session, Jerod Morris and Pamela Wilson cover how to get started with the Rainmaker Platform podcasting tools.

They discussed:

  • A foolproof method for deciding on a podcast topic
  • How to expertly upload your audio and share it with Rainmaker’s built-in tools
  • Pro tips for getting the best-quality recording


How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Email List

Robert Bruce and Sonia Simone

If you've been with us for a while, you know that we consider email one of the most valuable tools in your marketing tool kit. Email will help you attract prospects, nurture leads, and pave that path to a sale.

But do to all that, we first have to somehow convince our audience to opt in. In this session, Copyblogger's chief content officer Sonia Simone talked with VP of marketing Robert Bruce about how to make that happen.

Robert and Sonia talked about:

  • Why we endorse confirmed opt-in (and why you should never try to buy email lists)
  • What makes people sign up for email lists
  • What keeps them reading those lists
  • How to structure your opt-in page
  • What kinds of enticements work best to get opt-ins
  • The pros and cons of the "membership library" concept
  • The pros and cons of the autoresponder "drip"


Rainmaker Bonus: Get Inspired! Rainmaker Owners Showcase Their Sites

Brian Gardner and Pamela Wilson

StudioPress founder and Copyblogger Media partner Brian Gardner joined Pamela Wilson for this webinar.

This time, we turned our attention to you.

  • See Rainmaker Platform websites “in the wild” and discover how people are using them
  • Listen to what Brian and Pamela think works well on each site
  • Learn as site owners get answers to their specific design questions


Rainmaker Bonus: Setting Up a Top-Notch Affiliate Program on the Rainmaker Platform

Jessica Commins and Pamela Wilson

The Rainmaker Platform offers you an easy way to put together an affiliate program that will help grow your profits.

In this session, Jessica Commins and Pamela Wilson share how affiliate programs work, and how you can set one up for your site.

They discussed:

  • What an affiliate program can do for your online business
  • How to make affiliates feel well taken care of
  • How to use the Rainmaker Platform affiliate tools to put together a top-notch affiliate program


How to Create Simple Blog Graphics

Pamela Wilson and Chris Garrett

The web has always been a visual medium, and with the widespread sharing of images on social sites like Facebook and Pinterest, graphics are more important than ever.

This week, Pamela and Chris shared with us:

  • What makes an effective blog graphic, and how to make yours look more polished
  • A “no fail” technique that anyone can use to create blog graphics (no artistic skill required)
  • How to use two popular online graphics tools: PicMonkey, and Canva
  • A super easy technique for creating a professional-looking logo for your website, business, or products


Rainmaker Bonus: How to Use Rainmaker Platform Landing Page Tools

Nick Croft and Pamela Wilson

The Rainmaker Platform features powerful landing page creation tools.

In this session, Nick Croft and Pamela Wilson show you how the tools work, and how to make the most of them.

They discussed:

  • How to choose between the Template Builder and the Premade Template tools
  • Which landing page type will best meet your needs for videos, opt-ins, sales pages, and more
  • Insider tips for making the most of the powerful landing page tools in the Rainmaker Platform
  • A quick review of the A/B Testing tool, and how to use it to run high-converting landing pages