In January 2016, the Copyblogger team did something we’ve never done before.

We hosted our first Copyblogger Content Challenge. Content challenges are designed to give you in-depth education around key content marketing topics, and this one shared information about creating effective cornerstone content pages on your website.

The goal of our challenges is simple: We help you master each topic — and you put that information directly to use to grow your business.

The January 2016 challenge is now over. But we’ll offer future content challenges.

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Find out about the next Copyblogger Content Challenge

Why did we create a challenge around cornerstone content?

Website owners use cornerstone content to answer the most important questions their newest prospects have.

Content marketing cornerstone

Cornerstone pages are informative, instructive, and they help your prospects understand the crucial information they need to interact with your business.

Here’s what participants got in the first Copyblogger Content Challenge:

  • In-depth instruction on planning, writing, and creating cornerstone content pages
  • Support and encouragement from the Copyblogger team: Sonia Simone, Pamela Wilson, Stefanie Flaxman, and Demian Farnworth
  • Community support from your fellow challenge members in a temporary “pop-up” forum
  • A live educational webinar about cornerstone content -- exclusive to our challenge participants
We only asked you to commit to devoting a little time each day to working through the materials.

Our promise was to keep things fun and easy, so you'd make fast progress and enjoy the process.

We helped you get cornerstone content set up on your site so you could sail into 2016 with a powerful, content-driven site!

Join us for the next Copyblogger Content Challenge

Sign up to our Authority interest list to find out when the next challenge happens! We’re looking forward to having you in our next Copyblogger Content Challenge.

– The Copyblogger Content Challenge Team

PS: The January Content Challenge began on January 4 and ended January 27, 2016. Sign up above and join us for the next one!