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Essential SEO Tools for 2019

Sonia Simone and Sean Jackson

This week Sean Jackson joins Sonia to talk about the most useful SEO tools today. This session accompanies our Evergreen SEO session, which you can find inside Authority in your recent webinars.

In this lesson, Sean and Sonia cover:

  •  The latest best practices for keyword research
  • Tricks and techniques for discovering juicy content topics
  • Tools for optimizing images
  • Understanding your competition


Enduring Best Practices for SEO

Sonia Simone and Sean Jackson

It’s easy to get intimidated by search engine optimization, because it feels like the landscape changes almost daily.

It’s true that the big search engines are constantly changing their algorithms — but the core of smart SEO strategy actually changes very little over time. In this session, Sean Jackson joined us to talk about the evergreen best practices that will give your site a great foundation for good rankings.

Sean and Sonia talk about:

  • The misunderstandings people have about modern SEO
  • How to set your site up for long-term success with the search engines
  • The factors that rarely, if ever, change when you’re looking for search engine rankings
  • How to think about and work with your site keywords
  • Clarification on confusing topics like the “dual content penalty”


Personal Kanban: A Tactile To-Do List for Business Owners and Busy People

Does it sometimes seem like you'd be pretty much ruling the world by now if you were able to keep your focus and get more done?

You're not alone. Managing how we spend our time is one of the most important factors in any form of success. And sometimes it seems like the more we try to push ourselves to be productive, the further behind we fall.

In this session, writer Claire Emerson will walk us through implementing Jim Benson's "Personal Kanban" system.

Personal Kanban will help you if you:

  • Have a tendency to overlook projects until they reach the crisis point
  • Get overwhelmed by big, complex goals and have a hard time breaking them down into manageable chunks
  • Find it's challenging to finish what you start
  • Fail to give yourself enough time to reflect on what you've accomplished and move forward mindfully


Live Headline Clinic with Brian Clark and Sonia Simone

In this session, Copyblogger founder Brian Clark joins us for a live session where we take a look at your headline and see what works, what doesn't, and how you might sharpen it up.

Note: We used a pop-up Slack channel for the headline clinic, and that channel will be removed in early January 2019. However, you’re still welcome to join the Slack group  as we will be using it for upcoming coaching clinics and Q&A's.


What’s Next for Authority in 2019

Sonia Simone shares an important update on what's coming next for the Authority community.

Because of some technology issues (we'll explain all in the session), there are going to be some big changes coming for Authority next year. We want to make sure that we take excellent care of our loyal community members, and continue to give you what you need to move your projects forward.

This is a fairly brief webinar presentation but be sure to listen in if you'd like to hear where Authority is moving to, and what the next steps are for putting that plan into action.


Q&A Replay for November 16th, 2018

Sonia Simone and Stefanie Flaxman

In this Q&A, Sonia Simone and Stefanie Flaxman answered your individual business questions. Listen to the replay using the player above, or download the MP3 using the link provided.

Visit the forum thread for this session.


Modern Email Marketing: Part Two

Sonia Simone

This week we continue our conversation about modern email marketing. In this session, Sonia Simone talks about some of the trends, tools, and changes that have reshaped email over the last few years.

In this session, Sonia covers:

  • Trends in message length
  • The most important elements to look for in your email delivery platform
  • Strategies for finding new subscribers
  • How opt-in incentives have changed in the past few years
  • Managing the new email privacy laws
  • Things we’re doing differently at Copyblogger with our own email marketing
  • Potential alternatives to email (and how to evaluate them)


Modern Email Marketing: Part One

Sonia Simone

We’ll be talking about email marketing for the next two weeks!

Email has been around a long time, but it’s still one of the most important persuasive platforms for marketers.

This week, Sonia Simone covers the “evergreen” components of email marketing. She talks about:

  • Why email stays so important, as other platforms come and go
  • The “two faces” of email (content marketing and copywriting), and the keys to each
  • An email-friendly adaptation of a traditional copywriting formula
  • How to put together effective sequences that deliver a persuasive message
  • The three foundations of persuasive copy, and how they work in email
  • Making your email marketing inherently rewarding, so your audience wants to open your messages and click through


Persuasive Copywriting 101

Some approaches to copywriting teach persuasion as if it existed in isolation. It's as if benefits and features, calls to action, and all the other technical components of persuasive copy existed in a world all by themselves.

But the reality is, your persuasion copy needs to work within the context of all the other content you create. Your landing pages, persuasive emails, and social media advertising should all be a seamless part of your overall content strategy.

This course teaches an integrated approach, so that your persuasion copy never feels out of place or awkward in the context of your site as a whole.


Freelance Mastery

Are you a freelance copywriter? Or maybe you'd like to start taking some clients? These four lessons will help you to work with clients more effectively, and help you to find new clients for your business.

Many of the topics covered here are also relevant to other service businesses, such as graphic and web design.