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A Checklist for Effective Content with Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone

We’ve taught you dozens, if not hundreds, of techniques for creating effective content.

This week, Sonia helps you pull it all together, with a checklist that lets you focus on the key elements for your success.

In this pre-recorded audio session, Sonia talks about how to plan, structure, and polish your content, as well as what to do once it’s published.

She covers:

  • Planning your content so it meets your goals
  • Making sure your content attracts your audience’s attention
  • How to polish your content to make a fantastic impression
  • Questions to help you decide where to go next

You'll find the PDF checklist below to follow along with the session -- and you can use it again and again when you’re creating content for your business, client work, or other projects.

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