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Authority Business Coaching: Abby Roaquin

Abby Roaquin with Sonia Simone

This is our friendly “hot seat”-style call, which is an exclusive offering for Authority members. Each coaching call focuses on one member’s business, and this month we chatted with Abby Roaquin.

Abby has done a great job growing a list from scratch in an ultra-competitive topic -- maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle for weight loss and health. She knows a lot about her audience, and it’s time for her to launch an “MVP” (minimum viable product). But she’s feeling overwhelmed by the options, and needs some help coming up with a focused plan for what to do next.

We help Abby pin down a plan, help her manage the overwhelm that comes from balancing her side business, family, and day job, and help her make significant steps toward her long-term goals.

Visit the forum thread for this session.

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