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Authority Business Coaching: Derek Little

With Derek Little, Stefanie Flaxman, and Sonia Simone

This is our friendly monthly “hot seat” style call, which is an exclusive offering for Authority members.

We focus each coaching call on one member’s business, and this month we chatted with Derek Little.

Derek says he’s in 3 different businesses with some crossover: Content marketing consulting, B2B copywriting, and mastermind groups. Derek has taken many different classes so has a wide set of skills to work from. His biggest challenges right now are cash flow, multi-tasking, improving his skills, and seeing the truth of how things are really going (all he has is himself and he’s guessing)!

Derek wants to find ways to grow his copywriting business, by knowing his target market better. He wants to find ways to grow his masterminding business which he sees as a tough sell because people don’t get what a mastermind group is until they try it. Finally, he wants to learn how to be a better marketing consultant so he can improve his process for helping small businesses in need of a marketing strategy.

That’s what we talked about in this Authority Business Coaching call.

Visit the forum thread for this session.

NOTE: Our apologies for any audio technical issues on the replay.

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