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Authority Business Coaching: Doug Stetzer

With Doug Stetzer, Tony Clark, and Sonia Simone

This is our friendly monthly “hot seat”-style session, which is an exclusive offering for Authority members.

We focus each coaching session on one member’s business, and this month Sonia Simone and Rainmaker COO Tony Clark met with Doug Stetzer.

Doug has a family business in a very traditional field, and he and his dad offer consulting as part of their revenue mix. Doug needs a plan for moving beyond the “founder trap,” and building a business that doesn’t need his dad’s daily input.

In this session, we worked on uncovering digital possibilities for Doug’s business and also took a look at how he can improve conversion from free content to paid.

As always, we worked with Doug to help him identify his assets and constraints and to move forward toward his goals.

NOTE: Please excuse the audio issues on the call, they resolve after the 06:30 mark. Thanks!

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