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Authority Business Coaching: Sangeeta Kumar

With Sangeeta Kumar and Sonia Simone

This is our friendly monthly “hot seat”-style session, which is an exclusive offering for Authority members.

We focused this coaching session on one member’s business, and this month Sonia Simone met with Sangeeta Kumar.

Sangeeta runs Digital Marketing Institute of America. She has an interesting model, using a free Udemy course to develop professionals to work with her digital marketing agency. She’s looking to figure out how to keep generating high-quality educational content in the volume she needs, as well as how to take popular free training and develop a paid offer.

As always, we worked with Sangeeta to help her clarify her goals, identify her assets and constraints, and move forward toward her goals.

To apply to participate in an Authority Business Coaching session, visit this page.

NOTE: Our guest was on an international call -- thank you for your patience with any audio quality issues on the session.

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