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Creating ‘Radical Empathy’ with Prospects

Sonia Simone

The best copywriting and marketing come from a position of deep empathy. The better we understand our potential customers and clients, the better we’re able to serve them and meet their needs.

In this session, Sonia Simone talks about the preparatory work we do before creating any marketing message. We'll dig deeply into the needs and concerns of the potential buyer, in order to craft effective messages that create the right context for conversion.

These questions can be turned into an onboarding process, for those who work with clients. We'll talk more about that in the follow-up session.

In this session, Sonia will cover:

  • The empathetic core questions that should kick off every project
  • Exercises to help us visualize our prospects
  • Additional questions to ask that can deepen our understanding
  • Creating your own checklists and scripts for projects
  • Copywriting best practices

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