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Get More from Your Prospecting

Sonia Simone and Ed Gandia

In this session, we take another look at how to master the fine art of prospecting -- of reaching out to the exact perfect clients, whether you’re a full-time freelancer or just want to run a side hustle.

Our community loves Ed Gandia. He’s the author of excellent books on prospecting, as well as host of a resource-rich website and a well-respected coaching program. Ed’s an expert at using smarter prospecting strategies to find terrific clients.

In this session, Sonia and Ed will talk about:

  • Why so many freelancers hate to prospect
  • Proven strategies for reaching out to your perfect client
  • How to put an email together that doesn’t make your prospect cringe
  • How to make time for prospecting when you’re super busy with client (or other) work

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