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Kick off 2017 with a Fresh Commitment to Your Content

Sonia Simone and Brian Clark

“Content marketing” is a bigger industry than ever … but is all of that content really doing any good?

In this session, Sonia Simone talks with Copyblogger founder Brian Clark about what we should keep in our content strategies this year … and what we should leave behind.

Sonia and Brian discuss:

  • Why Copyblogger is focusing on going “back to basics” -- and what that means for content creators
  • The problem with content marketing, and our ideas for how to fix it
  • How to do a better job serving our audiences and communities
  • Whether there’s such a thing as “too much transparency”
  • How to blend strategy with an authentic individual voice
  • Where to put your focus this year

Visit the forum thread for this session.

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