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Master Class: LinkedIn as a Powerhouse Marketing Tool

Sean Callahan, Alex Rynne, and Sonia Simone

Sean Callahan, Senior Manager, Content Marketing at LinkedIn and Alex Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn joined us for this master class.

Alex recently published the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan: A Daily Playbook for Successful Content Marketers on LinkedIn. You can grab a copy here.

Sean has been a writer for twenty years, and is the author of The Big Data-Driven Handbook, among other projects. Sean is a frequent contributor to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, as well as other resources for those who want to master LinkedIn.

Alex and Sean focused on giving us the tips, tactics, and planning strategies specifically for freelancers and entrepreneurs, so you can shine extra bright in the eyes of your clients. Alex and Sean teach you how to look great on LinkedIn, so you can better serve yourself and your clients.

Visit the forum thread for this session.

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