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Master Class: Lead Prospects Straight to Your Goals with an Appealing User Experience

Pamela Wilson and Mary Shaw

Is your website clear and compelling? Or confusing and colorless? Are your visitors converting?

Join Pamela Wilson and user experience (UX) expert Mary Shaw as they talk about how to structure your website so site visitors will understand (and be enticed by) your offers. Discover how your site structure can funnel people directly to pages that help you meet your business goals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to gather intel on your competitors so you can decide how to structure your site
  • The big UX “no-nos” you should avoid at all costs
  • Simple ways to reduce the friction on your website so users stick around long enough to convert

Mary has worked with large corporations and smaller businesses -- we were honored to have her on this session to share her many years of UX experience so we can improve our authoritative websites.

Visit the forum thread for this session.

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