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Welcome to Authority Webinars

Need help creating more content consistently? Building a content strategy that converts prospects to customers? Discovering how to run your business more efficiently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in content marketing, conversion, small business, and so much more.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Chris Garrett and Robert Bruce

Many of you know that in addition to being a frequent contributor on Authority (and chief digital officer at Copyblogger Media), Chris Garrett is co-author of the ProBlogger book.

In this session, Chris talked with Robert Bruce about that burning question:

How can I make money with my blog?

They discussed:

  • The difference between making money from your blog and making money because of it
  • The 3 approaches to monetization and how to choose the right one for your site
  • What you can do today to start making revenue
  • Long-term versus short-term business thinking
  • What you need to have in place before you can make a full-time income
  • What not to do


Replay: Design and WordPress Q&A

Pamela Wilson and Brian Gardner

This week, we brought in two design heavy-hitters to answer your web design and WordPress questions -- namely, Pamela Wilson (owner of Big Brand System) and Brian Gardner (founder of StudioPress and co-founder of Copyblogger Media).

They answered your questions about:

  • How to make your site look better
  • How to make your WordPress site perform better
  • Design decisions you may be wrestling with
  • Questions about colors and branding and fonts (oh my!)
  • Genesis-specific questions


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Content Publishers

Sonia Simone and Jerod Morris

Lessons learned from publishing the Copyblogger blog

Every day, Jerod and Sonia live the glamorous and exciting life of professional content publishers. :) High-quality work, both free and paid, gets published daily, and we’re constantly managing guest writers, editorial flow, business objectives, and keeping our standards high.

In this talk, Jerod and Sonia got down to the nitty-gritty about:

  • The tools that work to manage your time and content flow
  • How to maintain high standards without losing your mind
  • Working with outside writers
  • Making your headlines stronger
  • The right way to use metrics

... and more. They talked about about what it really takes to run a successful blog, with tons of practical advice you can use in your own content programs.

Additional Resources:

Note: This session contains no affiliate links or promotions.


The Minimum Viable Audience

This topic has come up quite a bit in Q&A sessions, so we thought it was time to dive into it in a workshop. And who better to deliver the workshop than Brian Clark, the man who coined the concept?

In order to create a viable business, you need a certain critical mass in your audience — a minimum number of people who will respond to your messages, share your content, and go on to become customers.

In this Third Tribe workshop, Brian and Sonia share:

  • Where people go wrong in online business and how to fix it
  • What is a Minimum Viable Audience, and why that is important
  • Where to start
  • How minimum is minimum?
  • Reading your audience’s mind, the right and wrong way
  • Creating Products the Lean Way


Attracting Links

With Sonia Simone and Chris Garrett

The art of search engine optimization changed *a lot* this year, and one of the biggest changes happened around what we call “link building.”

Links stopped being a thing that a clever SEO would buy for you, and started being something that you truly had to earn.

Chris and Sonia talk about:

  • What kinds of link-building strategies are the “safest” from Google
  • The right and wrong ways to network with online publishers
  • The key elements of content that gets links
  • A few “hot” (and ethical!) new ways to get links
  • How to get links for local businesses