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Welcome to Authority Webinars

Need help creating more content consistently? Building a content strategy that converts prospects to customers? Discovering how to run your business more efficiently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in content marketing, conversion, small business, and so much more.

Lesson 17: How to Craft a Compelling Offer

In this lesson we look at the main ingredients that go into a crafting a truly compelling offer.


Lesson 18: Optimize with Empathy, Measurement, and Interaction

In this lesson we look at how your funnel can become more in tune with your audience's desires and needs, which will lead to more and better conversions.


Lesson 20: Warming Your Audience for the Sale

In this lesson we look at how to get your audience ready to take action.


Lesson 19: Boost Your Conversions with Split-Testing

Even successful funnels can be improved.

In this final lesson we are going to look at how you can make your funnels more profitable through careful testing.


Lesson 16: Conversion Overview

Up to now been attracting prospects, building a list, and getting those prospects interested enough to stay interested. Now we need to get people to take action.


Q&A Replay for July 27th, 2018

Sonia Simone and Stefanie Flaxman

In this Q&A, Sonia Simone and Stefanie Flaxman answered your individual business questions. Listen to the replay using the player above, or download the MP3 using the link provided.

Visit the forum thread for this session.


Lesson 13: Getting Quality Referrals

This lesson explores how to get more referrals and optimize your referral generation process.


Lesson 14: Generating Paid Leads

Previously we covered free leads. In this lesson we will accelerate and diversify your attraction with paid lead generation.


Lesson 10: Attracting Attention

Every site needs traffic.

Attention drives the internet. You can buy it or build it, but the best way is to attract it.

In this lesson we start the process of attracting the right people for our business.


Lesson 15: Creating Facebook Ads

In this lesson Chris takes you through the choices and options you will see when creating an advertisement on Facebook.