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Need help creating more content consistently? Building a content strategy that converts prospects to customers? Discovering how to run your business more efficiently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in content marketing, conversion, small business, and so much more.

How to Launch a Simple Coaching Program

Chris Garrett and Sonia Simone

If you own an Authority-based business (or even just publish a blog with a moderate-sized audience), coaching can be a great way to generate a little more revenue without a lot of overhead or business complexity. Even a few hours of coaching a month can help you stabilize your cash flow. Coaching also helps build your business by expanding your understanding of your audience and their needs, and it’s a great way to decide where to go next in your business.

In this program, Chris and Sonia talked about how to launch a "Minimum Viable Coaching Program." They let you know what you needed to get started with as few hassles as possible. And they talked about some different ways to package your offering, depending on your audience and topic.

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Master Class: Taglines and Product Names

Brian Clark and Sonia Simone

Your tagline (and products names) will ideally communicate your company's "Big Idea" -- instantly and memorably.

How often does that actually happen? Not that often.

This session starts with a quick exploration of what goes into winning taglines and product names. Then, for the bulk of this free-ranging session, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone let you peek "over their shoulder" as they work through some examples from our membership, giving both specific suggestions and areas for additional focus.

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