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Personal Kanban: A Tactile To-Do List for Business Owners and Busy People

Does it sometimes seem like you'd be pretty much ruling the world by now if you were able to keep your focus and get more done?

You're not alone. Managing how we spend our time is one of the most important factors in any form of success. And sometimes it seems like the more we try to push ourselves to be productive, the further behind we fall.

In this session, writer Claire Emerson will walk us through implementing Jim Benson's "Personal Kanban" system.

Personal Kanban will help you if you:

  • Have a tendency to overlook projects until they reach the crisis point
  • Get overwhelmed by big, complex goals and have a hard time breaking them down into manageable chunks
  • Find it's challenging to finish what you start
  • Fail to give yourself enough time to reflect on what you've accomplished and move forward mindfully

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