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Rainmaker Bonus: How to Choose and Use the Right Theme for Your Brand

Andrea Rennick and Pamela Wilson

Does sitting in front of all those beautiful Rainmaker themes make you break out in a sweat?

After all, it's not easy to anticipate your needs and pick a theme that will work today, next month, and next year.

In this session, Andrea Rennick and Pamela Wilson helped you think through the best way to choose a theme for your Rainmaker Platform site.

They discussed:

  • The absolute worst time to choose a theme -- and how to avoid it
  • The website element that is more important than your theme, and that should be your main focus
  • Simple ways to customize elements of your theme so you can make it your own
  • How to ensure your customizations don't break the responsive aspect of your theme
  • A quick (and easy) way to update all your theme images at once

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