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Traffic School: Craft Better Lead Magnets to Grow Your Online Business

Sonia Simone with Brent Peterson

Virtually every content marketer uses lead magnets … but they aren’t all created equal.

You may know lead magnets by other names like “sign-up incentives” or “ethical bribes.” By any name, a lead magnet is an extra incentive to inspire someone to join your email mailing list. You gain someone’s contact information (usually an email address) and that person receives your freebie.

Sonia Simone talks with Brent Peterson about:

  • Why lead magnets are so critical to content marketing success
  • The 10 types of lead magnets and how to use them
  • The 5 essential characteristics of effective lead magnets
  • Our thoughts on what types of lead magnet work best

Action requested:

Brent would love your participation in his quick Lead Magnet Survey. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and it will help him continue to gather data on which lead magnets are working best across different real-world scenarios.

You can take the three-minute survey here. If you like (it’s optional), you can also sign up to check out Brent’s lead magnet … about lead magnets!

Visit the forum thread for this session.

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