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How to Handle Writing Stress, Writer’s Block, and Procrastination

Pamela Wilson and Sonia Simone

As content creators and publishers, most of us do a lot of writing. And some days, it feels like we do a lot of not writing.

In this session, Sonia Simone talked with Pamela Wilson about what she’s learned over the years about how to get more high-quality writing done, how to handle the unique stresses of writing and “writer’s block,” and what habits you can put in place to make writing more enjoyable.

Sonia and Pamela talked about:

  • The miraculous power of the crappy first draft
  • Tips that consistently improve the quality of your writing
  • The most important habits of highly productive writers
  • How to work with a writing group
  • How and when to use feedback (and when you should never show your work)

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