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Case Study: Shane Ketterman

Shane Ketterman (you know him in the forum as fiveforcesgroup) has accomplished something many never do — he’s taken his site from zero to more than 10,000 unique visitors a day. And he’s done it in 7 months.

Sonia Simone interviewed Shane to find out exactly how he did it — the tools, resources, and techniques he used, and how you can use them for your own site as well. We talk about everything from his topic selection and how he got started to the sources he used for inspiration and education.


Traffic Jam

Brian Clark interviews Jon Morrow

Every online entrepreneur wants to know: How do I get more traffic?

Listen in to a wide-ranging “jam session” conversation between two entrepreneurs who understand how traffic moves online, how to attract it, and how to capitalize on it.

Jon and Brian trade stories about their early days when they made every mistake in the book. They talk about what it really takes to create traffic, reputation, and authority. And they talk about how to create the kind of content you can build a solid business around.


Harsh Truths About Online Business

Sonia Simone with Johnny B Truant

Someone around every corner is trying to sell you a faster, easier way to make money on the internet.

We’re all very familiar with the pitches, and we’re all too smart to pay attention to them. But it’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve been working hard and the Lamborghinis just aren’t materializing.

Johnny B. Truant has been stirring things up recently as a dispenser of harsh truths. But the interesting thing is, when you take the red pill — when you go ahead and face the world as it is, instead of the pretty picture painted for you by the so-called guru — business actually gets easier, not harder.


Build Your Business with Profitable Idealism

Ever struggle with issues like finding a great USP (unique selling proposition), standing out in a sea of competitors, building loyalty with your audience, or making your business really remarkable?

These are just a couple of benefits to infusing your business with what Johnny Truant calls “profitable idealism.”


Accelerate Your Success with a Mastermind Group

Sonia Simone with Karyn Greenstreet

All the successful internet marketers have one. All the famous book authors have one. Jeff Walker and Jay Conrad Levinson have one … even Napoleon Hill had one. (Sonia has one, too, but she’s keeping that secret all to herself.)

What have they got that you haven’t got? A mastermind group. They surround themselves with their peers, brainstorming ideas and pulling solutions out of a hat. Everyone hold each other’s feet to the fire, and encourages members in the mastermind group to reach their full potential — even when it’s scary to get out of their comfort zone.

Are we dangling an unattainable carrot in front of your face? Nope! You, too, can have your own mastermind group and get started right away on this brainstorming bonanza. Meet Karyn Greenstreet, a mastermind group facilitator who teaches others how to create and run their own mastermind group. Karyn has been involved with mastermind groups since 1994 and has lots of war stories to share.


The Three Steps to Creating Business Fame

Sonia Simone interviews Laura Roeder

You’ve probably heard the advice that in order to build your business, you want to become a celebrity in your topic.

But how, exactly, do we do that? We all know about blogs and creating a social media presence, but once we create that blog, twitter account, and Facebook page, how do we build those to “celebrity” status?

Laura Roeder has worked with actual celebrities (you know, the kind you recognize from a beloved TV show), but she specializes in working with small business to create their own fame, rather than waiting around for it to be given to them.

You’ve probably heard some of these ideas before. The question is, Are you implementing them?

Laura has a gift for getting directly to the heart of the matter and focusing on the essentials. Virtually anyone doing business online will find an area (or two, or three) to focus on from this seminar.


The Essentials of Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be a complicated platform for business owners. Their rules, functionality, and even page layout change constantly — and all of these require you to be engaged and paying attention. Since we don’t control or own the platform, is it worth the time and energy?

We snagged Andrea Vahl of Grandma Mary fame (she also co-authoring Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) to help us focus on the essentials of Facebook for business promotion, without being bogged down by distractions and trivia.


The Critical Keys to Success with Google AdWords

Brian Clark interviews Geordie Carswell

Google AdWords can be one of the most effective and reliable ways to find new customers for your online-based business.

It can also be one of the most effective and reliable ways to waste tons of money.

Google would love to take your money while you stumble around and figure things out on your own. But we’d be much happier if you got some great advice so you can start making the most of your AdWords budget right away.

That’s why Brian snagged an interview with AdWords genius Geordie Cardwell. Geordie talks about the latest advice (straight from Google’s mouth) on how to run an effective and profitable campaign, with tons of specific tips and techniques.


Advanced Link-Building Strategies for SEO

Brian Clark interviews Greg Boser

Greg Boser may not be the “name brand” you recognize for SEO — but he’s the guy those “name brands” call when they have a tricky SEO question.

Brian Clark was able to talk Greg into carving out some time to give us an in-depth look at link-building strategies for SEO.

Greg didn’t water any of this down — it’s serious, advanced material. You’ll want to listen to this seminar several times, and you may want to keep the transcript close at hand so you can jot down notes. And of course, head to the forums to ask questions if you’re having trouble with any of the concepts or techniques in the seminar.

One warning: the sound quality is distracting at times, mainly because of background noise on Greg’s side. We’ve edited it as much as possible, but you’ll hear a few dogs barking and other noises.