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Persuasive Copywriting 101

Some approaches to copywriting teach persuasion as if it existed in isolation. It's as if benefits and features, calls to action, and all the other technical components of persuasive copy existed in a world all by themselves.

But the reality is, your persuasion copy needs to work within the context of all the other content you create. Your landing pages, persuasive emails, and social media advertising should all be a seamless part of your overall content strategy.

This course teaches an integrated approach, so that your persuasion copy never feels out of place or awkward in the context of your site as a whole.


Freelance Mastery

Are you a freelance copywriter? Or maybe you'd like to start taking some clients? These four lessons will help you to work with clients more effectively, and help you to find new clients for your business.

Many of the topics covered here are also relevant to other service businesses, such as graphic and web design.


Creative Content Foundations

In this course, the Copyblogger team will help you “fill the gaps” in your content marketing knowledge. This course will help you shine as a content professional!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your time like a pro and hit your deadlines
  • Produce a high volume of quality content
  • Polish your work to a professional standard
  • Create content that works for both search engines and people
  • Deliver content that serves a business strategy
  • Bonus: Manage your creative and professional stress


How to Create 
Automated Marketing Funnels 
that Work

Effective marketing funnels are now essential for growing any kind of digital commerce business. If you are not getting as many sales as you would like, it probably means you have a leaky funnel.

If you would like to sell more to your existing customers, and have those customers stick around longer, then you also need to develop a better funnel strategy.

In this course, Tony Clark (COO of Rainmaker Digital) and Chris Garrett (CDO of Rainmaker Digital) will lead you through a scalable, systematic funnel strategy that will attract, convert and retain more customers for your business.