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Welcome to Authority Webinars

Need help creating more content consistently? Building a content strategy that converts prospects to customers? Discovering how to run your business more efficiently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in content marketing, conversion, small business, and so much more.

The Sales Process for the Likable Expert

A former corporate manager and entrepreneur herself for more than a decade, bestselling author Pam Slim deeply understands the questions and concerns faced by entrepreneurs. She’s worked with huge multinationals as well as bootstrap solo entrepreneurs, and her book Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur was named Best Small Business/Entrepreneur Book of 2009.


The 80-20 Principles of Getting Prospects to Take Action

Derek Halpern is a seasoned internet entrepreneur with a passion for teaching how to use human psychology to get web traffic and cash. He writes about increasing sales, customer loyalty and conversion rates on his blog, Social Triggers.


Graphic Design that Sells

In this session, Robert interviews Copyblogger Media partner Tony Clark to talk about how graphic design affects conversions. They’ll talk about the role that different types of images play, the types of page designs that convert best, the right wording for your “Buy” buttons, and other nuances that can make the difference between a page that fails and a page that sells.


Real-Time Marketing and PR

David Meerman Scott likes to say that he became a marketing strategist “accidentally.” In the 1990s as VP of marketing for a big-budget publicly traded company, he found that his unconventional homegrown, do-it-yourself programs, created at virtually no cost, consistently generated more interest from qualified buyers than the big bucks programs that the “professionals” were running — and resulted in millions of dollars in sales. Today, Meerman Scott is a highly sought-after speaker who teaches businesses of every size how to reproduce those results for themselves.


How to Infuse Your Web Copy with Authority

Jeff Sexton is a highly experienced copywriter, working with some of the field’s best-known names including Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg and the Wizard of Ads. He’s run or participated in hundreds of split and multivariate tests of web design, content, and messaging. He’s also a popular copywriting teacher.


Creating a Focused Social Media Strategy

With Sonia Simone and Amber Naslund

Amber is VP of Social Strategy for Radian6, a leading social media monitoring software company with more than 2,200 clients, including nearly half of the Fortune 100. Amber is co-author of the book The Now Revolution.


Build Your Own Content Conveyor Belt

You’ve got to create content to effectively market online, but too often it falls short as either content or as marketing.

Brian and Sonia talk about the nuts and bolts of building a robust “content conveyor belt” that takes strangers and moves them smoothly toward becoming happy customers. You’ll learn to increase conversion across the entire spectrum of prospects, not just be satisfied with those who are beating at the door to get in.


The Essential Elements of an Authoritative Website

Brian Gardner pioneered the WordPress premium theme market, and is the founder of StudioPress, one of the best-loved and most respected premium theme companies on the web. Brian is also a Copyblogger Media founding partner, and he epitomizes the “Likable Expert” strategy in his own right.