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Need help creating more content consistently? Building a content strategy that converts prospects to customers? Discovering how to run your business more efficiently? Then you'll find your answers in these in-depth video seminars taught by authorities in content marketing, conversion, small business, and so much more.

How to Work with Affiliates and JV Partners

Jessica Commins and Sonia Simone

Copyblogger Media’s EVP of Operations, Jessica Commins, has extensive experience working with all aspects of our affiliate programs. In this session, she joined Sonia Simone to talk about:

  • How to find affiliates (and how they find you)
  • How to structure your affiliate program and commissions
  • An overview of the available affiliate management tools
  • How to protect yourself against fraudulent or spammy affiliates
  • How to motivate your affiliates and make them more successful
  • How to take great care of your very best affiliates


Authority Bonus – Content Review Webinar

Sonia Simone and Pamela Wilson

This is an exclusive bonus for those who joined Authority in September, 2016.

We asked new Authority members to submit a page for the team to look at. Sonia and Pamela reviewed pages that were submitted during the review period and shared feedback on both the content and the design.

When you watch this session, you’ll walk away with a to-do list that will help you improve your content and boost its performance.

Helpful Resources

Links to the content reviewed on this webinar, in order:


Guest Posting Best Practices

Sonia Simone and Stefanie Flaxman

Guest posting is one of the strategies we recommend most often for growing your audience. But how do you do it? How do you find the right blogs and websites, make the connections with publishers, and craft your work in a way that expands your audience?

In this session, Copyblogger's Sonia Simone joined Stefanie Flaxman, our Manager of Editorial Standards, to talk about best practices when you're looking for guest posting gigs. They also talked about recommendations for when you're the publisher.


Rainmaker Bonus: How to Choose and Use the Right Theme for Your Brand

Andrea Rennick and Pamela Wilson

Does sitting in front of all those beautiful Rainmaker themes make you break out in a sweat?

After all, it's not easy to anticipate your needs and pick a theme that will work today, next month, and next year.

In this session, Andrea Rennick and Pamela Wilson helped you think through the best way to choose a theme for your Rainmaker Platform site.

They discussed:

  • The absolute worst time to choose a theme -- and how to avoid it
  • The website element that is more important than your theme, and that should be your main focus
  • Simple ways to customize elements of your theme so you can make it your own
  • How to ensure your customizations don't break the responsive aspect of your theme
  • A quick (and easy) way to update all your theme images at once


Essential Elements for a Strong Visual Brand

Brian Gardner and Pamela Wilson

Brian Gardner and Pamela Wilson talked about the most important elements you can use to create a recognizable visual brand. They discussed:

  • Three "special effects" a memorable visual brand will have on your business, and why you should make the extra effort to build one now
  • The crucial questions you need to answer before beginning the branding process
  • How logos fit into the big picture, and why you may not need one
  • How a few simple color choices can help you brand your business
  • What your font choices say about your business, and how to be sure you’re sending the right message
  • What design elements to look for when choosing a WordPress theme


Creativity for Marketers and Business Owners

Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and Sonia Simone

Johnny Truant and Sean Platt of Fiction Unboxed share with us lessons learned as they wrote a 100,000-word book in 30 days, live, in front of an audience, showing everything, and starting from nothing.

Johnny and Sean are both business and marketing veterans who also have a wide (and productive) creative streak. In this energetic session, Johnny and Sean talk about their experiences at the crossroads of business and creativity.

Johnny and Sean chatted with Sonia Simone about:

  • Why creativity is essential to any business, whether you consider yourself an artist or not
  • The key success factor business owners must develop
  • When to listen to criticism, and when to ignore it
  • The right way to think about business goals
  • How to become more creatively productive